engage event | February 9


engage event | february 9 | 8am-12pm

We are intentional about engaging in our community. Will you join us on the morning of February 9. from 8-12, as we take these opportunities to love our city on mission?

We will meet at New City by 8am. Breakfast and coffee will be provided. We will then be sent out to the work projects. You will receive an email before Saturday with all details and info related to your specific project.

If you have a skill or expertise that could help the progress of any of these projects, please contact lynette@newcityabq.org.

new mexico dream center
The NM Dream Center is providing help and human services to the most vulnerable at risk youth and families in our community. We will be working at their youth drop-in center, The Harbour. Read more about NMDC here.

Clothing Closet @ The Harbour
We will be facilitating the cleaning and organization of the clothing closet to make it useable for the staff and youth. This will involve general cleaning, folding, organizing.
Family Friendly: Children are welcome to serve alongside their parents. .

Grounds Beautification @ The Harbour
We will help to clean up the grounds to make the property look and feel welcoming.This will involve general raking, sweeping, removing debris, trash pick up, etc.
Family Friendly: No young children, but youth  to serve at their parents discretion.

saranam family services
Saranam has a mission to empower families to end their homelessness and poverty through housing, education and supportive communities. Read more about Saranam here.

The Family Center @ Saranam
We will be assisting the staff by organizing rooms and storage in their family center. We need people who are good at sorting, organizing and general cleaning.
Family Friendly: Children are welcome to serve alongside their parents.

mission avenue elementary school:

School Garden @ Mission Ave. Elementary
Mission Ave. has a fenced in garden that they use as an outdoor classroom. We will be doing general cleaning and weeding,preparing raised beds for planting, and repairing the irrigation system.
Family Friendly: Yes, children are welcome to serve alongside their parents.