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Welcome to Kids’ City! We believe that Jesus has the power to give every child in our community their own made new story. We desire to partner with our parents and families to heed the calling of ‘go and make disciples’. In addition to gospel-centered teaching, we help our kids experience the gospel story of redemption by engaging in mission with our New City family.

At New City, we believe that church should be the safest and best place to be a kid. Our team of elders, staff, and volunteers go through a safety-focused onboarding process that includes an interview, background check, and child-safety training.



wiggle way

Little ones learn that God made them and Jesus loves them by singing songs and playing in a warm and nurturing environment.


bouncin' blvd

(walkers-3 years):
We begin to plant seeds of God’s love and truth, while providing a nurturing and safe environment. We use music and play to help our youngest kids begin to store up God’s Word.



We help our kids understand who God is, and how much He loves them, through hands-on learning and play. Our time includes singing, a lesson, and games and crafts that help to reinforce the big idea.



(1-4 grade):
We help our elementary-aged kids take steps towards owning their faith, and provide a place for them to belong and be encouraged in the gospel. Our time includes singing, a lesson, and group activities and games that help reinforce the big idea.


Our kids ages 3 to elementary work through the same lesson at an age-appropriate level. We believe this is a way that we can empower our families to further engage in discussion throughout the week.